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I get asked a lot on my Instagram what makeup I use. I actually have never shared any of my makeup products because I really am not a good makeup person. I wear the same stuff everyday. I don't wear a lot of eye makeup mainly because I don't know how to apply it well. HA! So here is my little tid bit of what I do.

I have used a lot of different foundations and products but have been using what I use now for about 8 months. When I look at old photos of my self I can really see the difference of the new products that I found and use now. So, I strongly recommend them!

Start off with this lock-it concealer on blemishes I have at the time.
Then I cover my entire face with a even coat with lock-it tattoo foundation.
Use naked 2 on my eyes. 
I go back to this mascara every time even after I try new fancy one.
Add one swipe of Blush and Bronzer with this Nars Duo. Love this!
I keep this lock-it powder in my purse for +4 hour touch ups.
I live in Florida where the humidity is insane so I use this powder for a good oil cover touch up.  

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Melissa C. said...

STOP THIS! Why are you so gorgeous? LOVE all the makeup products that you use! Especially the Naked palette! One of my faves :)

Katy said...

That mascara really is one of the best. I'm using Benefit mascara right now and I love it, but for the price, I think the Maybelline will always be my tried and true favorite!

Grace Beekman said...

Love it! So many great products! I'm a big fan of that mascara!

Zundria Green said...

Your makeup is always flawless! What brand/color lip color/gloss do you use?

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