Outfit | Color Sparkle

Dress: Shop Dandy | Clutch: Marc Jacobs | | Monogram Necklace | Watch: Michael Kors
Bangles: Kate Spade David Yurman Danielle Stevens Tiffany

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4 Responses to Outfit | Color Sparkle

  1. bnfunky says:

    Cute!! Shinin bright like a diamond :) Xoxoxo

  2. Emily says:

    What a perfect dress, I love all the color!


  3. Alisa Marie says:

    OMG – love this outfit, so cute! Love all the colors! Also love your monogram necklace, I’ve been wanting one of those for a while now!!

  4. taylor casto says:

    that dress is SO flattering on you! i love it!!


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